From taboo to self love!
It is very simple.
I could use alot of words to describe how working with Angela has positively impacted my life but for me it is simply that Angela guided me in shifting self judgement to self love!  Options and possibilities are now available that were not even a consideration.
It's time to PLAY PLAY PLAY, LIVE!!


Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

"The PLEASUREPOWER workshops took me on a deep, challenging, healing journey into my voice--in my creativity, my body, in bed, in relationship, in money.  Under Angela's wild nurturing, it was an empowering self-initiation within the container of the mystery of sisterhood, where my pleasure is our pleasure, my power is our power, and somehow when we heal ourselves, we heal each other."

Renee' Alberts

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii


We are all encoded to awaken to our personal power, pleasure, and freedom. Freedom to create from our heart & not from fear and old patterning. Release blocks & past trauma, heal heartbreak, ignite your high heart, deep desires, pleasure and freedom to allow your highest soul purpose to flow to you. Come with me on a journey to activate your pleasure & live from your heart again.

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