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Do you keep repeating the same patterns in love, life, and business?

Does it seem like no matter what you try, you seem to end up in similar situations even though you know you could do better?

You try to change your perspective and ensuing behaviors, but you just can't seem to create the life of peace, love, and true creative expansion that you want deep down.

You may hit overwhelm, frustration and burnout before you are ready to look at this chaos from a truly new perspective.

There is hope! change is possible with the right tools.

True healing in the body and mind takes place in the nervous system and shifting our patterned behavior and beliefs about ourselves. Our ability to access pleasure in life and think clearly is directly related to our levels of unintegrated past stress, grief, trauma, and heartbreak that in turn affects our gut and neuroinflammation. you can restore and align yourself for absolute success in life and love by taking the micro steps I teach in my 1:1 therapeutic coaching programs.

Are you ready to shift your patterns for good?

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Ready to shift your patterns for good?
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Angela has helped me unlock parts of my past that have made me a better version of myself in the present. I have overcome unhealthy habits & things I depended on to just “get me by” that day. I’m now moving through life with more intention & I look forward to setting & achieving goals rather than feeling overwhelmed by them. I am so grateful for the tools and the healing journey Angela has guided me through.

Therapeutic coaching 
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

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I got so much out of my Gut/Brain Psychology Program! Angela got to the root of my digestive and mood issues and made doable recommendations for me that I put into place with a parasite cleanse and microbiome support. Angela truly cares about helping others and gives compassionate, intuitive and grounded guidance. I would highly recommend this program!

gut/brain psychology program 


The PLEASUREPOWER workshops took me on a deep, challenging, healing journey into my voice--in my creativity, my body, in bed, in relationship, in money.  Under Angela's wild nurturing, it was an empowering self-initiation within the container of the mystery of sisterhood, where my pleasure is our pleasure, my power is our power, and somehow when we heal ourselves, we heal each other.

Pleasurepower workshops
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

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