My Philosophy

I know that everyone has the ability to align with their highest soul purpose and experience the freedom and love that they truly are. Sometimes we can get lost after a traumatic event and even though we want to move forward, we can get stuck in anxiety, depression, addictive or repetitive behaviors, and emotional confusion. I help you restore your highest energetic template by clearing past heartache and emotional blocks, reclaiming lost parts of yourself, and activating your freedom and love codes so that you can naturally and automatically shift your consciousness to access your deepest truth, your freedom, your heart, and your power to live your highest soul purpose with a wise and trusting heart.

My Methods

I utilize a combination of talk therapy, Tantric embodiment practices, & quantum energy healing to help you integrate past heartbreak, walk in freedom, live from your heart, and align with your highest soul purpose, with passion & integrity.

Programs are available for both individuals and couples, ranging from 3-10 sessions where you pick what modalities resonate with you to get the results you desire. 


My Gifts

For over twenty years, I have been working in the field of health and healing. Begining in the dental field as a Licensed Dental Hygienist in both Washington and Hawaii, I soon found that my patients wanted to open up and share their stories with me. So much so that it was difficult to take xrays or complete a dental cleaning! I had a natural gift of intuiting their emotinal world and creating an environment of comfort and understanding. I found that this emotional aspect of relating to my patients was my favorite part of the profession and I wanted more of it! I went on to graduate with my Masters in Psychology, Marriage & Family Therapy. During my traditional Masters training program I was feeling more and more drawn to energy work and having a spiritual awakening of my own. Over the course of the next five years I delved deep into my spiritual practice traveling to Guatamala twice and moving to New Mexico to be closer to my sprititual teachers. I was trained and certified as a Master Avesa Quatum Healer and Teacher with the Temple of Self Ascension (TOSA) and eventually became an ordained minister, fully committing myself to this path of self mastery and healing. Part of my passion has always involved accessing past life memories, as I had done this spontaneously as a small child. Knowing even then that the memories would all soon disappear and I would lose access to them. Soon after my certifications with TOSA I discovered the work of Dolores Canon and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy and past life regression. I was fortunate enough to study with her personally in Hawaii in a six day training and began offering a similar style of transpersonal hypnotherapy. Through my own process of spiritual awakening and the flow of highs and lows in my life, I knew there was more I needed to clear and heal for myself to fully step into my purpose of assisting others in their transformations. I was introduced to a specific method of trauma release therapy and understood this had been a missing piece for myself and others. I now offer a similar style of trauma resolution to my clients along with activating dormant codes within their energetic blueprint allowing them to fully step into their freedom, love, and life purpose. Currently I am offering talk therapy, trauma resolution, and quantum energy healing sessions and am enrolled in a 600 hour certification course to deepen my knowledge in the field of relationship transformation and sacred sexuality at The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.


Angela is an angel!!! Her services are top notch. She brings so much value and wisdom to the lives she touches. Connect with her. Work with her. Apply what you learn from her teachings. And watch your life blossom!

Natasha Burnham
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii


I am so happy that I finally decided to work with Angela! I cannot say enough good things about her and her work. She is professional and exceptional at her craft. She also offered Zoom sessions to accommodate my schedule and needs. I would not be where I am in my personal and professional life without all the work I did with her.

Margaret McMillen

Waimea, Hawaii


The PLEASUREPOWER workshops took me on a deep, challenging, healing journey into my voice--in my creativity, my body, in bed, in relationship, in money.  Under Angela's wild nurturing, it was an empowering self-initiation within the container of the mystery of sisterhood, where my pleasure is our pleasure, my power is our power, and somehow when we heal ourselves, we heal each other.

Renee' Alberts

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii