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The Self-Study

A 30 Day Structured

Self-Inquiry Journey

Our Next Challenge Starts May 1

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Do you feel stuck?

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get unstuck

Do you keep repeating the same patterns in love, life, and business?

Does it seem like no matter what you try, you seem to end up in similar situations even though you know you could do better?

You try to change your perspective and ensuing behaviors, but you just can't seem to create the life of peace, love, and true creative expansion that you want deep down.

You may hit emotional overwhelm, frustration and burnout before you are ready to look at this chaos from a truly new perspective.

There is hope! Change is possible with the right tools.
The Self-Study provides the structure to gain clarity and get you out of the frustration and on a new path of emotional repatterning.

The Self-Study teaches you micro-rewiring tools to emotionally repattern

Your challenge includes:
  • Me! I will be supporting and guiding your 30 day self-inquiry journey, answering questions and helping you set goals to optimize your experience and transformation
  • A private community with others on similar journeys
  • Live trainings providing the space to get support and additional education
  • 31 micro-lessons to impart streamlined emotional repatterning teachings
  • 31 powerful daily prompts to help you extract your subconscious patterns
  • 31 fieldwork exercises to put what you're learning to the test in real time
  • Daily agenda + task lists that help you organize your time and curb the self-sabotage spiral
  • Measurement + tracking tools to establish your emotional baseline and acknowledge your progres
  • Ability to add on 1:1 support from me at a discount

The Self-Study can help you

Stop Self-Sabotage + Self-Deception

Put an End to People Pleasing + Have Clear Boundaries

Interrupt Patterns of Frustration, Sadness, Shame + Overwhelm

Inspire Generational Healing

Live Life Full Out + Quit Playing It Safe

Self Study 2_png.png
Next challenge starts March 1. 

Hi there!

I'm Angela.

I am a body integrated psychotherapist and self-mastery coach and have been working with clients for the past 17 years. I help people feel safe in their body by teaching them the tools to regulate their nervous system and emotions after complex childhood emotional trauma. The Self-Study and Break Method compliment my work and have personally helped to radically shift my own emotional patterns.


I had been experiencing emotional burnout after a recent breakup and the stress of the pandemic, deciding to homeschool my youngest, while trying to grow my business as a single mom. It was a lot! Break Method was recommended to me by a longtime friend, and I decided to take the leap and do the 16-week course.


The tools I learned through Break helped me transform my inner world and negative inner critic in ways that other approaches had not worked in the past. I knew I wanted to offer these tools to my clients and when Bizzie Gold, the creator of Break Method, announced the certification to be a Self-Study Guide, I was all in.


If you are ready to take control of your life and stop repeating the patterns that have frustrated you in life, love, or business, join me in The Self-Study! 30 days of radical breakthroughs, learning, and the redirection you've craved.


Emotional Repatterning is a protocol of structured self-inquiry that uses scientific processes to discover, assimilate, map and rewire your 8-part brain pattern constellation. These patterns keep you stuck in a cycle of repetition even when you know better.

Emotional Repatterning teaches you how to completely transform your perception of reality and subconscious labeling of your environment so that you can shift your emotional responses, patterns and essential self in this immersive 30 day journey.


This challenge is for anyone that has struggled with feeling like their life is on emotional repeat or you feel that there is just a missing piece to your healing that you can't put your finger on.

I'll be here every step of the way to support you in identifying your emotional patterns.

Join The Self-Study for:

$129 (one-time payment)

  • 30-day Community Group

  • Live Weekly Trainings (recorded)

  • What's App Support Chat

  • Taught by a Certified Self-Study Guide

  • Workbook $29, link to order after registration

  • Optional Add On 1 on 1 Support $45 25 min

Copy of Self study templates_png (2).png
Imagine having the tools to make a decision how you respond in situations instead of acting out of unconscious patterns.
You could keep doing what you're doing until things spin more out of control in your life or business. Or you could start to identify where you're going wrong so you could take a different action and get a different result.
The path is laid out for you, you just need to take the first step.
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