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What Is Tantra, Anyway?

Tantra is an ancient and mysterious subject that has drawn much attention in the modern world of sexuality. Tantra is an embodied spiritual practice that first takes you deep into your personal truth, allows you to witness, accept, honor, and love all parts of yourself while creating a portal to your higher self and authentic radiance and power. Tantra begins with the individual and can be shared with a partner when the inner personal expansion has occurred. Once in this expanded state of consciousness while being fully embodied and present in the now, it becomes easier to integrate and heal past trauma and fully show up for your experience of love and sexuality. If you want to connect authentically to yourself and your lover, go deep into the present , and step into an elevated experience, the embodied tantric path is for you. I teach, support, and guide those who are ready for this level of presence, healing, and ecstasy. 

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